Outdoor Ghost Hunts - Public and Private

Outdoor Ghost Hunt Tickets - Tickets from £40 per person - Affordable ghost hunting nights in Kent with our paranormal team.

Participate in Séances, Vigils, EVP Experiments and much more.

These events are NOT ghost walks, they are ghost hunts which our team will encourage spirit to communicate with you via a range of methods. Please read our What to Expect guide for information on what this entails.
If you are expecting ghost stories, history walks or something to scare you, these are not the right events for you.

All of our events are serious events which require your participation to get the most out of the night.

We do not intentionally try to scare you, although the nature of the event and the location may be scary, everything we do is designed to give you evidence of life after death and all events are 100% investigation and vigil events.

Choose a location and experience the thrill of ghost hunting with our team of Mediums and Paranormal Investigators

£40 Tickets

Currently there are no Public Outdoor ghost hunts.

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Book an Outdoor Private Ghost Hunt

Not sure which venue is for you?
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