2015 Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations are different from our Ghost Hunts.
The difference is that our paranormal investigations we set up lots of our monitoring equipment, like our controllable remote cameras, our CCTV systems and equipment that we don't usually bring to our ghost hunts.

Whilst one group is investigating, the other is monitoring and relaying anything seen to the investigative group. After a pre-determined time, the groups swap.
The Ghost Hunt Events team will be available in the 'Hub' room instructing the guests on how to investigate and what to watch for on the screens, the difference between orbs & dust and any other known or observed anomalies seen on the cameras.

In each session the investigating group will use rooms with distinctly different objectives to gather evidence. If however activity is spotted by the watching group then this will be conveyed to the team leader and they may revisit a room to investigate the activity reported.
The point of only allowing one group to go off at a time reduces noise pollution and any anomalies are unlikely to be from the hub room. It will also allow us to report our findings instantly and hear/see anything interesting as far as evidence goes.

The style of the event is different. Instead of our team taking groups off to attain evidence (which takes weeks to be analysed), you set off with lots of our equipment under the watchful eye of a team member who will instruct you how to investigate, so that you record and capture evidence, which is then analysed immediately by our team and you on your return to our 'Hub' room.

The whole purpose of the event is for you to be investigators for the night, using the latest paranormal equipment and to analyse this on the night, so you find out the results within minutes and what type of activity gets results.

The standard equipment that you will use will be:- Audio Recorders for recording EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices), MEL Meters (the scientific measurement of Electro Magnetic Fields), Laser Thermometers, Night Vision Cameras and depending on the location Hearing Enhancers.
See all of our ghost hunting equipment

At the end of the night we'll play all evidence recorded (audio and video) for everyone to witness.

These events will be held in smaller venues where the maximum in a group will be 6 people.

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