About Ghost Hunt Events

Ghost Hunt Events – Organisers of ghost hunting nights and weekend ghost hunts

Ghost Hunt Events are expert organisers of ghost hunting nights & weekend ghost hunts. We are based in Kent, England and travel throughout the United Kingdom.

Ghost Hunt Events was the brainchild of Steve Moyle, who has been involved with various paranormal companies since 2004. During the summer of 2010 Steve decided to create Ghost Hunt Events as a platform to experiment with a new type of ghost hunting company and a new way to investigate venues.

Ghost Hunt Events now has a public event taking place on most Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year.

Ghost Hunt Events is run by experienced Mediums and Paranormal Investigators and we believe ghost hunting should be available to everyone not the size of their wallet.
We aim to get all our guests to experience genuine paranormal activity in all of the venues we investigate.

Our events are 100% investigation and vigil events that require guests participation to get the most out of the event, none of our events entail us telling stories about any venue, these are active participation events where we will spend time trying to get the spirit energies to interact with you in a non-scary way.

We also organise private and corporate ghost hunting nights which really enhance corporate entertainment. We can cater from 5 – 100 people.

Ghost Hunt Events also support many charities please contact us and we’ll donate a prize for a raffle or if you are intending to hold a ghost hunt, we’ll run the night for you.

Overnight ghost hunting experience for under 18s.
Under 18s are allowed on our public events accompanied by their parents/guardians. The minimum age for participants at our events is 14 years old although we recommend age 16. As long as they (under 18s) are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Booking however must be made by someone over the age of 18.
If however a group of under 18s are interested in attending a ghost hunt or organising a private ghost hunt, please contact us.

If you are looking for extreme ghost hunting experiences or super scary locations, we have venues on our database available for this type of event. Please contact us for more information.

All of our ghost hunting experiences are real. There are no stooges, actors illusions or gimmicks used within our events, what you see, hear and experience is real and the locations are genuinely haunted.

We encourage you to bring cameras and other ghost hunting equipment with you to capture as much as possible, if you wish to send these pictures and videos to us we will feature them on our website and our Social Media pages. (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.)

We have featured in several TV shows both UK and USA TV production companies have asked us to be present or conduct ghost hunts during their filming or for their production. Plus we have also assisted many production companies with research and expected phenomena at their chosen locations.
In March 2012 some of our team (Steve, Kym & Sean) were asked to take part in the US TV show Ghost Adventures filmed at Fort Horsted in Chatham, Kent. The Ghost Adventures team wanted us to participate in their Lockdown since we have held numerous ghost hunts at the Fort and witnessed so much paranormal activity.
In September 2012 our MD & Psychic Medium Steve talked to Jason McCrossan on Sittingbourne FM Radio on his Monday Matters radio show talking about haunted Kent. Listen to this interview

We welcome you to our company and look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events. You can book all events via our website.
If you have any questions or queries our staff will always be very happy to help you.

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