Coronavirus Information (Covid-19)

Update 12th April
Covid 19 is still affecting our business and we are still in a National Lockdown.

Our first event of 2021 will be at Vinters Park in Maidstone on Saturday 24th April - adhering to the "Rule of Six" as this is an Outdoor event.

Indoor events will resume after 17th May, currently we have an event at Beacon Hill Fort in Harwich on 22nd May.

Update 22nd February
Covid 19 is still affecting our business and we are still in a National Lockdown.

We are unable to run events at this time, and we will inform all customers by email, who are booked onto any event that is affected by the Lockdown.

The UK Government announced an exit strategy on 22nd February, although the dates announced are subject to change.
This means that currently the first events are likely to be after 17th May, with the rule of 6 (or two households) for any indoor event. There is likely to be other covid restrictions / precautions at the event as well for your safety.

Events due to take place after 21st June will have no social restrictions on group size (other than our normal limitations).
These dates are subject to change.

Update 15th February
The UK is currently in another National Lockdown and will announce on 22nd February the exit strategy and hopefully we will be able to have a rough idea when we can restart our events.
We will update our website at this time. Currently any event that is affected by the Lockdown the customers will be contacted via email.
You will be able to book for events taking place in April (after Easter) but this may also change in the forthcoming announcement.

We will advise all customers (by email) who have a booking with us for any event that will be affected.

Update 20th December
Kent remains in Tier 4 (Stay at Home) with many other counties now joining Tier 3 & 4.
Therefore all events have been postponed until 2021.
We are hopeful that we may run some events in February onwards but know that this is dependent on the vaccine rollout. We will advise all customers (by email) who have a booking with us for any event that will be affected.

Update 17th December
Kent remains in Tier 3 (Very High) with many other counties now joining Tier 3.
Therefore all events have been postponed until later in 2021.
We are hopeful that we may run some events in January, February & March but know that the majority will be postponed until later in the year. We will advise all customers (by email) who have a booking with us for any event that will be affected.

Update 26th November
The Government has announced on 26th November that Kent will be in Tier 3 (Very High) but the majority of other counties will be in Tier 2 (High).
Events can only go ahead in Tier 1 & 2 if the venue has taken the necessary precautions to make themselves covid secure. Any venue in Tier 3 has to close.
Therefore some events will be able to go ahead in Tier 2 counties. We won't know which events will be affected at the moment as the Government will review the tiers every 14 days.

Update 31st October
The Government announced on 31st October that England would be subject to another four week lockdown starting on 5th November until 2nd December, after which England will revert to the Tier system.

Update 18th September
We have successfully applied and received the Industry Standard mark that means that our business has followed government and industry COVID-19 guidelines. We have Risk Assessments for each venue in place and a process to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing at all of our events.
We have a number of measures in place including; access to hand sanitiser and PPE. Plus we record all customer details for 21 days for the NHS Track & Trace.

Covid-19 Good to Go

Update 9th September
The Government announced on 9th September that all social gatherings of 6 or more people are to be banned and will come into force from 14th September.

Within the hospitality sector (which is where our company sits) we are safe to operate if each location has a COVID secure environment and has been risk assessed to ensure it can accommodate the new guidelines. We have carried out a risk assessment and checklist for all our venues and all ghost hunts will be going ahead unless further lockdowns or restrictions are announced by the Government.

We have measures in place and will work in small groups of 6 or less. We will also collect your details for the mandatory track and trace system.

There will be a minimum distance of 1m enforced throughout the event and at some venues a one-way system will be introduced. Face coverings must always be worn at times throughout the ghost hunt (unless exempt). We will ask all guests to use hand sanitiser at the beginning and end of each session or when entering and leaving the base rooms. Guests will be asked to bring their own refreshments to avoid queues or people gathering in the base rooms.

Your safety and the safety of our team is our prime concern and we will ensure that we are taking the risks seriously to keep within the guidelines, operate within the law and create a Covid secure environment whilst the ghost hunt takes place.

Following this update our events will be impacted in the following way:-
  • All guests to wear a Face covering during the ghost hunt (unless exempt)
  • All guests to be in a group of 6 people or less
  • Staggered arrivals and breaks
  • All guests to be required to give us their contact details for NHS Track & Trace
Update 1st August
Events are restarting and re-opening and we intend to run events as planned from 1st August, we will inform customers (by email) as soon as possible if the planned event cannot go ahead.
Some venues have not fully reopened and/or staff have not returned to work.
We will be adhering to added protection, including social distancing, face coverings/masks and frequent hand sanitisation.

We have added a Coronavirus declaration to our booking process. By booking you agree to the following:-
Health declaration for attendees
As part of the commitment to provide a safe environment for all attendees during the Coronavirus (Covid 19) situation we need to ask you to confirm that:-
1. You have no cause to believe that you have Covid 19 (see NHS symptom checker)
2. As far as you are aware you have not been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid 19 or anyone who is showing symptoms consistent with Covid 19 in the last 14 days
3. You have not been contacted by the Track and Trace Team and asked to isolate.
4. You have not travelled to or from or had contact with any individual travelling from a high risk country in the last 14 days.
5. You have not had a cough or a temperature of 37.8 degrees Centigrade or above in the last 14 days.

If you develop a cough or temperature above 37.8 degrees centigrade in the 14 days after attending one of our events you will immediately contact us.
If you are over 70 years of age or have pre-existing conditions which would put yourself at increased risk of severe illness from Covid 19 you should inform us.

At our events we will do the following:-
  • Ghost Hunt Events Team members to clean/disinfect tables & chairs before guests arrival and after leaving
  • Guest groups to be seated at least 1m apart, 2m where possible.
  • Hand Sanitiser to be provided for guests and Ghost Hunt Events Team members.
  • Alcohol wipes/sanitiser to be provided per table for guests use.
  • It is advisable for guests to wear face coverings for face to face activities.
  • No kit or equipment to be shared amongst guests unless it has been cleaned/wiped with alcohol wipes.
  • Tea/Coffee/Sugar/Milk supplied in individual sachets (no shared spoons or containers).
  • Guests encouraged to use outdoor space as much as possible for ghost hunting activities as well as not entering rooms that are occupied by other people. (GHE Team to police this).
  • No shared paperwork during the event. Posters available on each table
  • Urn (where used) to be cleaned (by Ghost Hunt Events team) between each person using it.

Our events will be more technical/scientific as we will not as a matter of course be holding any Séance or Human Pendulum sessions.

Please see our terms and conditions: in addition to these terms and conditions in respect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will not be offering any refunds for postponed events.