Vinters Park Ghost Hunt, Maidstone, Kent - 2021

24th April 2021 - 10pm until 1am - Tickets £15 per person

Vinters Park Vinters Park Vinters Park

Vinters Valley Nature Reserve in Maidstone, Kent has had a very interesting history and a house has stood on this land for 600 years.

Roman remains have been found on the site in the past, but the first recorded history was when a Roger de Vinter bought the land from the Abbott of Boxley in 1343, and built the first house.

In 1554 Henry Isley, took part in the Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger's Rebellion and was executed for his trouble. His property was seized by Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary) who bequeathed it to a Henry Cutts of Bynbury.

Vinters house was bought by a local businessman, James Whatman of Vinters. Although he didn't ever live in Vinters his son did. James Whatman of Vinters moved into the house in 1782, having bought it some time previously from the then Lord Ongley. He died in 1798 aged 57, and like many Whatmans was buried at Boxley Church.

During the Second World War the house was taken over for Military purposes and many Army units passed through the park. The fine furniture and effects were locked away. The ATS girls stayed in the house, with the men in billets near the kitchen garden. Having been empty for a few years the entire estate comprising of 660 acres was sold to a property developer in 1956. Shortly after this the house burnt down, and was demolished.

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This is NOT a ghost walk, it is a ghost hunt. Please read our What to Expect guide for information on what this entails.


Vinters Park Ghost Hunt
Date: 24th April 2021
Time: 10pm until 1am
Tickets: £15 per person - £5 of the ticket will be donated to the Nature Reserve

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24 April, 2021

Vinters Park

Cheers for a great nite - D.G.

24 April, 2021

Vinters Park

Thank you was an interesting night - T.R.

21 August, 2020

Vinters Park

We was there. Had a very good night. Thanks to all who made it a good night. - W.F.

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