Ghost Hunt Events Frequently Asked Questions

If I pay in full, when will I receive my ticket?
Once payment has been received and verified (usually within an hour, although can take up to 24 hours) we will send out your ticket confirmation email. If you haven’t received it after 48 hours please check your spam/junk email folder as common email hosts (yahoo, hotmail, google, gmail, apple etc) will automatically assume it is junk/spam. If it is not in that folder, please contact us.

How big are your group sizes?
We have an unwritten rule that each group should be no larger than 10 people for our indoor events, we also try to follow this rule for our outdoor events, however at times this may be as many as 12 people depending on the location.

Under 18s. Do you allow children?
Yes, if they are older than 14 and accompanied by their parents or guardians. Booking must be made by someone over 18. Please contact us before booking as some venues have a strict over 18 policy.

Do you use Ouija boards? Do I have to use one?
Yes we use Ouija boards at all our events. You do not have to participate in any activity that you are uncomfortable with.

I am disabled can I come to an event?
It depends on the venue, it also depends on your disability. If you are in a wheelchair then it is unlikely the venue will be suitable, please email us.

I am disabled, can my carer attend with me?
Yes, your carer can attend if they purchase a ticket and let us know who they are attending with. They cannot attend for free as they are taking a space. All our events have a maximum person allowance that we have to adhere to.

How long does the investigation last?
Each location is different but the majority of investigations last for 3-4hrs, sometimes 5 or 6 hrs. Outdoor ghost hunts usually last for 3 hours and Indoor ghost hunts are usually 6 hours. The times of the event will be shown on the events page.

Can I bring any photographic or ghost hunting equipment with me?
Yes, we allow digital stills cameras, video cameras, voice recorders, EMF detectors, and in fact any ghost hunting equipment. It depends on the location (and if there are any restrictions set by the venue). There will be an icon on the Events page or Booking page to inform you. Some of our events are filmed therefore at times you may be asked not to film with IR cameras as multiple video cameras will interfere with our footage. Generally on the whole there shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you provide Food & Drink at your events?
Normally we provide tea & coffee however we do not supply food, (feel free to bring refreshments with you).

Do you organise group events, group ghost hunts or private ghost hunting events?
Yes. We can organise a private ghost hunt or a group event for any number of people from 5 to 50. Please email us with your requirements.
We also organise hen nights, birthday parties, charity ghost nights or any special occasion ghost hunting night.

I see that you accept PayPal as a payment method, I don’t have a PayPal account, is there another way I can pay?
We use Square and PayPal as our payment processors, so you can choose either to pay with a Credit/Debit card or your PayPal account.
For large amounts or group bookings we will accept Bank Transfers.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes we have Public Liability Insurance to cover up to £5 million of liability.

If I pay a deposit for a booking when do I have to pay the balance?
The balance for any event is due four (4) weeks prior to the event. We will send you an email reminder at this time. You can pay this at any time using the Balance Payment page up until two weeks (2) before the event when we will send you a final payment reminder by email.
Any booking that we haven’t received the balance payment for will be deleted two weeks (2) before the event.

Can I use your equipment?
Generally Yes, we have a wide range of equipment that guests can use and you will be instructed by the team on how to use them during the ghost hunt.

I haven’t received my confirmation / ticket, what should I do?
Firstly check your spam/junk email folder, as many email providers (hotmail, gmail, icloud etc) define our emails as being junk and spam, add our domain ghosthuntevents.co.uk to your white list or safe senders list. Secondly send us an email and ask us to re-send your ticket / confirmation as you will need this to show us (either on paper or on a phone) on the night of the event.

Can I copy your images/photos?
Generally No, these images are our copyright unless otherwise stated. However we may allow certain images to copied and re-produced, please email us for written permission.

The Terms & Conditions says I have to sign a Liability Waiver, why?
The Liability Waiver is part of the insurance we have that you will be responsible for your actions during your time on the ghost hunt and that you may be going to areas that are not usually open to the public.  By booking a ticket with us you digitally sign this document.

If I cancel my booking, will I get a refund?
If you cancel your booking less than 1 month (30 days) before an event you will not receive a refund as the likelihood of us re-selling your ticket(s) prior to the event date is slim. If you request a cancellation more than 1 month (30 days) before an event you will receive a full refund. The request however must be made from the email address that was used to make the booking.

I have tested positive with Covid-19 can I get a refund for my tickets?
In short, No. There are currently no restrictions for people attending events having tested positive with Covid. You may however give or resell your tickets to a third party.

If you have any questions regarding our events, feel free to send us an email